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COVID-19 what can be added to that topic

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I don't recall being so busy in my professional life. I could despite unclear perspective hire some great individuals and business is progressing much better than my wildest dreams. I only now take a bit of time to share a few lines. Although we are right at the start of the second wave of this troublemaker virus I think we are now better prepared to face it with the right level of pragmatism and needed effort.

The litterature is already full of articles, expressing either a fear of what has to come and how this pandemia is the beginning of the end for the human race, or more positive views on how we have been enlighten by the possibility of a new possible behavior.

I won't try to predict anything in particular. I have some doubt about how human kind (I guess I am part of that group...) will truly change. No more war... no more race towards more and plenty... well sorry but as much as I want to be a dreamer, I announce it is not going to happen.

But if I think humans won't change I also imply the amazing and great part is also going to stay as part of our genes. I could witness an incredible level of support and compassion when working with my clients, either via Zoom calls or in mask-to-mask meetings (the new face-to-face standard). And that gives me faith that my kids will have a world to discover that will remain as wonderful than the one I know and love.

A profound thank you to all A-XIOM clients, allowing me and my team to enjoy the proximity of such fantastic people during this troubled but fascinating time. As handshake are so much twenty-nineteen this post should suffice as a way to express my gratitude.

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